• Consultation
    • We provide consultation services to fulfill the customer’s needs. One of our major focus is on pre-sales services.

    • Supply
    • We have the honor of supplying our clients with hardware that meets the customer’s requirements and make sure that the hardware is in line with the clients specifications.

    • After Sales Service
    • We provide outstanding after sales services on hardware, and also specialize in all kinds of electronic equipment repairing services. We have a well-equipped lab and dedicated diligent lab staff that prioritize to keep the client satisfied.

    • Routing and Switching
    • Our experts design state of the art solutions focused on your unique organization needs and business processes.

    • Network Security
    • We possess proven competence in security risk analysis and management which i s backed by an unprecedented resource pool of talent and experience in network security and privacy protection.

    • Data Centers and Disaster Recovery
    • Our design engineers ensure data center availability by implementing a fully redundant, fault-tolerant, and concurrently maintainable IT and support infrastructure architecture.

  • We are proud of our customer oriented consulting services, which adheres to business processes of customers, increases competitive advantage, customer loyalty and improves business performance. Our experienced technical consultants provide exceptional technology solutions based on evolving technologies to solve customer's critical business issues, taking into account the past, present and future of the customer to make our solutions truly client friendly.We are driven by business oriented results through close collaboration with clients to understand their business problems and provide them with cost effective solutions.

    Experience and deep technical knowledge enables the clients to exploit information technology to meet their business goals.Expert consultants and innovative methodology help in leveraging the existing IT infrastructure and technology in new ways.We help the organization to be responsive to the growing business demands by providing versatile and flexible technology solutions. Consultants help the client to integrate the business strategy with technology to meet their business objectives. Consulting solutions being offered in enterprise architecture, service oriented architecture services, infrastructure, information security, and systems management.

  • IT Deployment Service

    Installing and deploying your IT assets in an efficient, effective and productive manner can help maximize your return on investment. We provide a comprehensive range of deployment services for planned installation of your equipment, and assistance to fine-tune your system configuration. Our deployment programs provide you with the expert knowledge and resources to reduce your installation and implementation time.

    Detailed Deployment for Every Solution

    From single units to large-scale rollouts, we make deployment simple by providing complete project management oversight and tracking deployment activities until the shipment reaches the customer. We provide turn-key solutions to your business with detailed precision and accuracy.

    Deployment Process
    1. Assess project for proper planning and design
      The process begins with an assessment of your organization’s requirements to identify ways to maximize performance and reduce costs. From operational procedures to management tracking reports, we work with you every step of the way.
    2. Custom integration and development
      After determining your needs, we recommend the hardware and software that fulfil your company’s specific requirements.
    3. Testing and deployment of you approved solution
      After the system is configured to your specifications, and deployed, we perform testing on your solution to ensure the requirements have been fulfilled in true letter and spirit.

  • MS Systems application development services provide enterprise application development and management of enterprise business applications to improve productivity and efficiency of the clients business.

    • Custom Application Development
    • Our Systems technical expertise, proven process and methodology delivers high quality applications that improve business performance.

    • Application Migration
    • Our application migration services helps in migrating the legacy applications to the modern platforms such as porting the applications from Microsoft platform to Java and Java platform to Microsoft technology.

    • Application Outsourcing
    • These services provide complete application maintenance and application support services that improve business continuity and increases business efficiency. Our application outsourcing provides outsourcing services that helps you to focus on your core business.

    • Application Enhancement
    • Our application enhancement services help in re-architecting the application with proven industry standard technology solutions to enhance security, scalability, and reliability.

  • We’re committed to providing our business customers with the most effective and advanced security services and products. Our state-of-the art business alarms, video surveillance systems, redundant monitoring, wireless security camera systems and web integration business security systems keep our customers on the cutting edge of security technology.

    • Access Control
    • From simple solutions to complex organizations, we've got a business security system to fit your needs. We offer numerous ways to protect your business from unwanted intrusion. Our solutions range from simple stand-alone entry-controlled business security systems to complex PC-based systems with hundreds of card readers integrated with intrusion detection devices and video badging. No matter how small your business starts or how large it grows, we can design the security systems you'll need for now and in the future.

    • Intrusion Detection System
    • Keeping your business safe is job number one. Our commercial burglary/fire platform employs the latest developments in electronic security – from security camera systems, to video surveillance, to redundant monitoring, to Web integration – for comprehensive detection. In fact, the combination of our proven technologies provides the widest available flexibility in total facility protection from one sophisticated platform. Once a system is installed, you can keep track of authorized/ unauthorized people who enter and leave specified areas.

    • Video Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television Monitoring
    • Our closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) provide superior protection for your personnel, your real property and your inventory. With advanced interior and exterior wireless security camera systems to deter robberies and enhance peace of mind, you can always feel secure knowing your business is protected by best-in-class security professionals.

    • Custom Mobile Surveillance Trailers
    • We have a lineup of solar trailers suitable for all of your remote surveillance / power requirements such as Public Address (PA) System, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and lighting. Our trailers have been widely used in monitoring and surveillance capacities. If your requirements are not met with our existing products, we can custom design and manufacture a solar powered trailer to suit your requirements. Whether it’s more batteries, solar modules, addition of equipment, etc.