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Techno Vision Dynamic IT Tech is one of the leading IT hardware supply company in Dubai, providing quality IT hardware products, i.e., the best ones in the market at affordable rates. Computers, servers, computer accessories, etc., we have it all.

We deal with the leading manufacturers to provide you with hardware components at the best possible price. Besides supplying IT hardware devices, we also offer a comprehensive array of IT hardware services including pre-installation and post-installations.

We set up the entire system, manage wiring and installations so that you are ready to start your work tasks right away. As an IT hardware solutions provider, we ensure complete support during and after system installation. Our team efficiently resolves the post-installation problems, if any.

Our experts communicate with your IT department, deliver knowledge to fill up any gaps in your IT team, and ensure your IT capabilities complement your organizational strategies. Moreover, our company offers long-term IT hardware maintenance support. Take a look at our IT services:

Specialized Workstations

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Specified Systems

PC & Laptop Rentals

Customized Storage Solutions

Computer peripherals & parts

Gaming Hardware & Accessories

PC & Laptop Repairs

Hardware Upgradation

Networking Components (Routers, switches, etc.)

Internet Delivery

Security Appliances & Firewalls

IT Hardware Supply

Hardware products and services

We provide all type of hardware supply for your office or business  with the installations and maintenance. You can go for our yearly maintenance contract where our team pays regular visits to your office or company for the sake of maintenance.

You can get desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, screens, printers, routers, projectors, servers, routers, switches, VPN hardware, printer cartridges, printer toner, intercom, IP phone, and so on.

If you want some top-notch business laptop or desktop PC, contact us with the details given below:

Brand preference (e.g., Lenovo, Dell, Apple)

RAM (e.g., 8 GB, 16 GB)

Graphic Cards (e.g., Nvidia), model & size (2/4/6/8 GB)

Processor model (e.g., Core i7, Ryzen 7)

Storage preference (HDD, SSD, NVMe m.2)

Server-Installation Services in Dubai

Setting up a server in your office can be a tricky task that needs attention to detail. So, it’s best to hire some technicians for server installations. Being online computer hardware suppliers we provide top-notch servers and server installation services for small businesses and medium ones.

Our flexible offers help you manage your technology expenses and set up your servers within your budget range. Our services include server installation, server maintenance, remote office support, new technology development, and more.

A recurring server downtime loses you, customers. So, instead of losing customers, start dragging even your competitor’s customers towards your business; and this can be done with proper server maintenance, done by our expert team. We offer setting up:

IT hardware supply tvdit

File Server

Domain name registration

Email Server

Cloud Server

Backup / Redundant Server

Security Appliances & Firewalls

Server Setup & Configuration in Dubai

Program and Database Server

Active Directory /LDAP Server

Storage server

Network server

Server with Firewall and Antivirus Solution

Networking Services Dubai, UAE

Networking is the core of your entire IT infrastructure, which must be efficient to ensure smooth, fast, and secure communication between devices and people. You can get all the networking supplies from Techno Vision Dynamic IT Tech and rely on our professional team for the installations.

Our trained staff integrates new technology in your networks to help keep your network fast, secure and reliable. Our networking hardware services in UAE include:

  • Security Appliances & Firewalls
  • LANs & Wireless WANs optimization
  • ATM Ethernet networks
  • Routing & Switching
  • Internet Delivery & ISP services
  • Structured Cabling
  • Data Networking
it hardware supply tvdit

Computer Peripherals, Parts & Accessories

Computer peripherals are add-on devices that enhance your computer’s functionality, providing better display, performance, sound quality, etc. Being the leading IT hardware supply company in Dubai, we provide all computer peripherals and accessories including keyboards, speakers, touchpads, etc.

You can also buy computer accessories and parts online in Dubai, UAE. Following is the list of computer parts and accessories that improve your computing experience a lot.

Casings & Cooling Solutions

and lots more.


Processors & Motherboards

Gaming Accessories

Computer keyboards (Multimedia, Wireless, Flexible, Regular)

Drives (Hard drives, Solid-state, Optical) & Memory


Speakers & Headphones

Mouse (Traditional, Wireless, Optical, USB-wired), Touchpads

Printers, Projectors & Scanners

USB cables/ Ports

Being one of the best online IT hardware supply company in Dubai, we offer complete IT hardware solutions for your business. Here, you get your required hardware components at the best prices, along with the hardware installation and maintenance services of our professionals.

IP Phone Services Dubai

Our company ensures you get a smooth and reliable communication experience. Our IP Telephone services include:

You can also buy computer accessories and parts online in Dubai, UAE. Following is the list of computer parts and accessories that improve your computing experience a lot.

VoIP Services (Transmits phone calls over IP network)

IVR Solutions (Automatic interaction with callers)

Call Recording Solutions (Advanced call management, recording & retrieval)

Call Billing Solutions (Audit your bills, reduce fraudulent charges)

Digital PBX Solution (Voice mails, conference calls, auto call distribution)

IT Hardware Supply


Why do I need IT services for my business in UAE?

In today’s world of technology, a business can’t grow without having a sound IT infrastructure. The IT service providers monitor, maintain and administer services remotely. They also provide the best hardware supplies, hardware installations, networking, and software licenses.

How can IT service providers in Dubai help me?

For small and medium-sized businesses, it’s often not economical to set up an in-house IT team. So, they can get help from IT, service providers, to meet their business needs.

An IT hardware supplier and service provides help in managing the technical operations of your company. Their services include data storage, help desk, cybersecurity, backup and restore, hardware supply, hardware and software installations, and maintenance, etc.

Can you recommend the best hardware and software for my business?

We have partnerships with the industry’s top manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, IBM, and more. Our expert team can provide you with the best hardware and software recommendations based on your specific business needs and budget range.

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