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Before talking about Difference Between Optical and Digital Zoom. First you need to know careless buyer how they waste money

Careless security camera buyers sometimes don’t  industry terms. Unwary buyers of surveillance cameras are sometimes unaware of terms in the industry.  Being caught without knowledge of the salesperson’s jargon can mean that you won’t get what you think you’re getting for the money.

In terms of zoom. Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras and some still cameras have lenses that zoom the subject. In other words, it magnifies the video object, like a car in a parking lot, so that it can be seen in much more detail. Zoom is a very important feature of video camera lenses. By magnifying the image, it is possible to see intrusions developing at some distance from the door of a building.

For example, in a secure parking lot, if someone was driving around the guard shack, a zoom camera mounted on the side of a building more than a hundred feet away would be able to easily record the progress of the vehicle. of the car as it gets closer. to the building. This gives the security guard time to react before the intruder leans over his shoulder with a gun pointed at his head.

This may seem like an extreme example, but it’s one of the things that distinguishes a zoom camera from a fixed camera. When comparing zoom features of camera lenses, it is essential to understand the difference between digital and optical zoom.

Difference Between Optical and Digital Zoom

Difference Between Optical and Digital Zoom

Difference Between Optical and Digital Zoom

Digital Zoom:

Imagine you are looking at a Rembrandt in a museum and want to get up close to a beautiful pastoral setting to see the details of the master from a hillside in the countryside.

Because of the careful guard, you must be prepared to photograph Rembrandt frequently from a safe distance. Then you have the developed image and now you hold in your hand the photo you took at the museum.

You have an idea. Now that you have the image in hand, you decide to have someone enlarge the image on the photocopier so you can see the hill better. At least, that’s what you think you’re getting. When you enlarge the image to the same size as the full original picture, you get frustrated. Now that seems like a bad case of psoriasis, and you’ve missed an opportunity to bring Rembrandt home with you.

Digital zoom is very similar to this. It cuts out a portion on a distant image, not actually bringing you closer to the object but exaggerating the lack of clarity that already exists. In other words, if you can’t tell what the details are from a distance, you won’t be able to tell what they are by making them appear closer by digitally manipulating the captured image. Digital zoom, while not necessarily useless, doesn’t help much when you need to focus on an object as if you were getting closer.

optical zoom

Digital zoom

Optical zoom:

Relax a bit in the art museum. You’re standing in front of Rembrandt and you really want to get up close to it to see the finer details of the hill. This time you don’t have a camera. Instead, the sleepy-faced guard turns his head, and you jump over the barriers and place your eyes about 6 inches from the chessboard.

Suddenly all the details of the hill are displayed. You see individual blades of grass, the lines on the outer edges help distinguish an object from its background. You can clearly see that and your admiration for Rembrandt takes it to new heights.

Optical zoom is like standing closer to the object. In our first example of a car crashing into a guard’s shed, it’s as if the security guard were only a few feet away from the car, allowing him to fend off the intruder before he even reaches the front door.

The value of optical zoom in CCTV is priceless. While it’s not as good as you’ll see on TV crime shows, it’s still a great tool for keeping an eye on your assets. Learn more about image clarity and resolution.

Optical zoom

Optical zoom

Marketing strategy:

Knowing the difference, now, between digital and optical zoom, you can skip all the camera marketing that offers 120x digital zoom versus one that says it has digital zoom. 60x. Actual digital zoom is irrelevant.

Marketers shouldn’t waste ink on it. When comparing cameras, just look at the optical zoom and don’t buy more than you think. Optical zoom uses a true telephoto lens instead of using simple digital manipulations. Telephoto lenses can make a lot of money, so ask the salesperson to explain what you can expect from the camera at the distance you need to shoot.

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