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Are you looking Guidance for your CCTV Cameras about Voltage and Amperage? Fail to provide proper power to your CCTV equipment may result in signal loss or in some cases, damage to your camera(s)! Two important things to consider include voltage and amperage (you also want to note power losses such as voltage drops. Below is a table of expected voltage drops depending on the type of cable used. and distance.

Guidance for your CCTV Cameras about Voltage and Amperage

Guidance for your CCTV Cameras about Voltage and Amperage

That said, we wanted to share with you a quick reference guide and overview of the voltage and amperage that powers your CCTV security cameras. Remember that this is a beginner’s guide and does not cover everything related to powering CCTV cameras. Every situation is different, so to fully understand the specifications you need.

Most of the voltage and amperage data below can be considered for 99% of systems. Cameras typically use 2 VAC or 12 VDC power. You can choose by filtering the voltage requirement in the CCTV . power supply section

 CCTV Cameras

Voltage and Amperage


Drops Voltage

power supply s wire make voltage drop, so make sure not too long wire, and long wire with thicker gauge,

drops voltage


Longer Run=more Voltage Drop
Thinner wire(higher gauge)=more Voltage Drop
Larger Amps(more powerful camera)=more Voltage Drop
Higher source voltage=Less Voltage Percentage Drop


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