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Before Choosing The Right Hardware For Your Business

You must need to know the detailed overview about hardware. So, in this blog you learn about hardware and its type. And then you will be able to choose the best hardware for your business. But if you are already aware about term hardware then scroll down the page and review “Steps to Choosing the Right Hardware for your Business”.

What Is Computer Hardware?

Computer Hardware is a combined term that controls all physical parts of the computer. Hardware runs all instructions that are loaded in its main memory.

It is difficult to deny the importance of technology in our lives in this modern age. We live in a generation where virtually everything is updated and computerized.

In the middle of all technologies, humankind has achieved one important device Computer. No one can deny that the Computer is an essential part of our lives.

It is important to know how a computer works and get knowledge about that part that defects the working of computers.

Hardware is considered the most important part of a computer because without hardware a computer cannot work.

In short, if you know how to handle computer hardware and know all functions of the unit you can detect the problem which is stopping the working of your computer.

best hardware suppliers in UAE

Best hardware suppliers in UAE

How many components of Hardware?

Computer Hardware can be divided into two components:
  • Internal Computer Hardware Component
  • External  Computer Hardware Component

What are Internal hardware components?

Internal elements are responsible  for the overall process or reserve the commands conveyed by the program or operating system.

These may include the following parts:

  • CPU 
  • Hard Drives
  • RAM
  • Motherboard 
  • Graphic processing unit
  • Network interference card (NIC)

1. CPU

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is called the brain of the computer and controls all features of the computer.

Its clock speed regulates the speed and efficiency of the computer. It also controls the arithmetic, logic, and input/output operations.

2. Hard Drives 

Hard Disk Drives are objectively storage devices that are used to store both permanent or temporary data in templates of programs, device files, photos, etc.

It may be internal or external. Most Hard Devices have a storage capacity between 250 GB To 1TB.

There are some examples of the best Hard DRIVES:

3. RAM-Random Access Memory

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Ram is a volatile memory. RAM stores the data temporarily which means data is cleared when the computer turns off.

There are three main functions of RAM.

  • Storing Application 
  • Short-term storehouse
  • Reading Files

4. Motherboard 

The motherboard is the main pre printed circuit board. The motherboard is the connectivity point of the computer.

It creates communication between all components of the computer internal as well as external.

There are some examples of the latest motherboards:

  • Intel desktop board DB75EN
  • Intel Galileo Gen 2
  • AS-Rock

5. Graphics processing unit

The graphic processing unit is specially designed to execute the graphics explanation on a computer.

It executes all pieces of data at the same time to make them useful for machine learning, video editing & graphic applications.

6. Network Interference Card

A Network Interference Card is a circuit board basically used to connect a computer to the network.

It is also a Network Adapter. Basically, it supports an Ethernet network connection.

There are two types of NIC:

  • Ethernet NIC
  • Wireless network NIC

    external Hardware components

    External Hardware components


What are external Hardware components?

The External Hardware components are connected to the computer Externally to control input/output functions. It is also called Peripheral Components.

These components are used to give instructions to software to give input and get the output.

There are some external Hardware components:

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Touchpad
  • Memory card
  • Microphone
  • USB flash drive


The mouse is a small hand-held device that is used to control the cursor on the screen for interaction with objects. It is connected with a USB Port so it’s called a USB mouse.

It can be wireless or wired. The first use of the mouse was in 1968.


The keyboard is a peripheral device that is used to input data in the form of text, numbers & characters. It is an input device modeled after a typewriter keyboard.

It consists of many buttons like CAPS Lock, SHIFT, ctrl, etc. It has many keys like numbers, alphabets, special symbols, etc. you can type by pushing an individual key.

Basically, a standard keyboard consists of 101 keys.


The touchpad is an input device that is used to control the movement of a cursor on the screen. Basically, it is built-in on laptops.

Touchpad sensors the user’s Finger movements.

Memory Card:

A memory card is a portable external storage device that is used to store digital information.

Memory cards have different memory to store information and share between compatible devices.


The microphone is a device that is used to convert voice signals into electrical signals.

It is used for many purposes like adding sound multimedia to presentations or for merging music.

USB Flash Drive:

A USB flash drive is an external device used to store information. It interacts with the computer through a USB port.

It has different memory to store devices. It is a removable storage device.

Steps to Choosing the Right Hardware for your Business 

Are you looking for Best hardware suppliers in the UAE for your new Business? So , here’s your answer.

As we know in this modern age of technology IT Hardware is the backbone of every business. If we start a business accurately, we first need to get the best IT hardware.

DUBAI is a popular city to start a new business. Dubai has the best IT infrastructure and Talented People. 

When choosing the Best IT Hardware Suppliers in the UAE, you should look for someone who has the best experience. Many Online companies claim to provide you with the best IT Hardware but they may not be right.

So you can choose the Right Hardware for your Business by the help of Professional IT hardware suppliers in the UAE so, that they can provide you best according to your requirements.

computer hardware suppliers in UAE

Benefits to selecting TVD IT TECH LLC as your IT Hardware Supplier:

Wide scope of IT products:

We have up to 10000 items to select like desktop computers and laptops. keyboards, hard drives, and many more. You can also buy other computer parts from us.

We provide you with the best computers with updated features. You can purchase it at a reasonable price.

We also provide you with updated RAM & processors by which you can update your older system without spending any budget. Except for this we also provide other IT solutions like CCTV, NETWORKING, website development and many more.

Lower price:

When you are expanding your business you’re getting the latest technology and experience.

It means we’ll be able to provide you with all IT hardware in a very efficient manner at a very low price.

High-quality Hardware at a Low Price:

We’ll provide you with High-Quality Hardware at a reasonable price without giving up quality and presentation.

We’ll provide you a high speed processor, capacities, and memories that can help you to run your big files without taking any time.


We provide you with full-time guaranteed services so you can be sure that you can get our services any time when you need them.

We built the software to handle most inquired applications. We are available 24/7 to serve you.


We have been in this business for many years in Dubai as IT Hardware Suppliers. We have ample knowledge to fix and guide you to solve your hardware issues. 

We have experience in working with both small and large companies. We know what you need for your business and how much hardware you require for your work.


We treat all our customers with love, respect & devotion. We treat all customers after everything of size or nature of the business because all customers are special to us.

Professional Suppliers know every job is essential. We know how to engage your customers and how to provide the services on time and accurately’ which we need for our clients.

Online ordering process:

Another advantage is that we provide you with an easy way to order your products online if you don’t have time to come for purchasing.

For Book your online order just Click here and Get Quotation according to your requirement.


You need to select the best IT Hardware Suppliers which can suggest the best tools for your business and provide you with trustworthy products.

If you want the best company that will provide you with cost-effective solutions Please Contact TVD IT TECH LLC. We’ll provide you with all IT solutions in a friendly and professional environment.

Here Are Some Companies where TVDIT Provide Services.

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